Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekly Recap in Photos

Wow!  The holiday weekend sure did fly by!  I was busy with family and friends every day!  I do have an outfit post and my first recipe post to catch up on.  But for now I want to fill you all in on a little Sunday project I've been planning:  My week in iPhone photos.

1.  Sunday, November 20: Painted my nails Nut Brown by Sally Hansen.  Love this go-to color!  //  2.  Monday, November 21: One of my truck drivers made this awesome homemade chex mix.  He brought it into work to share and I couldn't eat enough!  I gotta get that recipe.  //  3.  Wednesday, November 23:  ACK!  I got stuck in traffic!  Don't you hate when you're the first one stopped and you end up waiting for FOREVER!  I was there so long (almost 10 minutes) I had to snap this picture!

4.  Wednesday, November 23:  I made this fantastic Weight Watcher's recipe, Mexican Pork and Sweet Potato Stew.  This is actually the recipe I'll be posting soon!  It's a slow cooker recipe that was easy to put together the night before and quite tasty that evening for dinner!  //  5.  Wednesday, November 23:  Matt and I had a couple of friends over that night for a game night.  We played Lord of the Rings, the Living Card Game.  It's a great game where everyone plays together to try to beat the quest.  //  6.  Friday, November 25:  Since we bought our house we have always had a pretty big day-after-Thanksgiving party.  Living in Cincinnati, we just recently had the opportunity to by Yuengling beer.  We bought a keg for the party and it hit the spot!  //  7.  Saturday, November 26:  The Thanksgiving leftovers!  There are plenty of them and I helped myself to a piece of late night pumpkin pie.  Yum...


  1. i love a new nailpolish for a new season! that one looks beautiful.

  2. I love your pictures!!!!


  3. @What Would a Nerd Wear

    Thanks! I have actually been wearing this color every fall for about 4 years now! Some habits are hard to break....

  4. @Sabrina

    Thanks so much Sabrina. It's kind of a cheesy thing to do, but I thought why not? I take so many pics on my phone through out the week. Might as well share them?


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