Monday, November 21, 2011

How It *Mostly* Started

I have always liked fashion.  I have always tried to look my best (for the most part).  But there came a time this past summer when I started to feel really down about myself.  So, looking for inspiration, I started following fashion blogs.  It all started with What I Wore 2Day.  Kasmira is actually in Cincinnati like me, and blogs these wonderfully creative outfits almost daily!  But...  I wanted something to look at that, well, looked more like me...  So I did a google search on "Plus Size Fashion Blogs".  I found a wide variety of blogs, many I still follow daily.  After spying some blogs I came across Chictopia, an online fashion community where you upload pics, earn and give points, and comment on people's style.  It's actually really fun and I feel like I have connected with a few people on there.

That being said, after reading blogs daily and posting on Chictopia about once a week, I have decided to start my own fashion blog.  I have blogging experience, as most of you know.  I started a vegetarian food blog Luckey's Lunch, a few years ago.  But I haven't updated in a year and I want something new to keep me accountable for my looks. 

I love food though - both cooking and eating (and blogging about it!).  So every once in a while you'll find food posts.  I think it will bring a fun and fresh twist to the blog!

So - here goes nothing.  I don't know how long this blog will last.  I don't know often I'll be able to post (especially when I start wearing scrubs every other day).  But we'll see what I can come up with.


  1. Thanks for stumbling onto my blog. Welcome to the blogosphere! (again)
    That's really cool that your "gateway blog" was Kasmira, she was mine also many years ago!
    As soon as I came to your blog, I was thinking you looked familiar. And now I see that you're a part of the Chictopia community. That explains it!

    Well for sure I'd like to wish you good luck in blogging! Take care. :)

  2. I'm so glad that you're having fun with your wardrobe and sharing it with us! I hope to run into you someday.

  3. @Hannah

    Well THANK YOU for making your way to my blog Hannah!

    Kasmira is great, isn't she? I love her confidence the most!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll definitely be seeing you in the blogosphere again soon!

  4. @Kasmira

    Thanks so much for stopping by Kasmira. When I read your "That Chic from Cincinnati" post yesterday, I thought, "OH MY GOSH! I just linked to her blog!"

    Again, thanks for the inspiration. I'll be seeing you around the blogosphere, if not Cincinnati, real soon!


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