Friday, December 2, 2011

Summer to Winter

Photos Taken by My Tripod

When:  Thursday, December 1, 2011

What:  Maxi Dress - Merona; Sweater - Daisy Fuentes Woman; Belt - taken from another shirt; Booties - Nine West; Chandelier Earrings - Unknown?

When:  Work, homework with son, out to dinner, and then my schoolwork.

This summer, Matt and I went to Jamaica.  It.  Was.  Amazing!  If we ever head back to the Caribbean, we would go back to Jamaica, and we would go back to the same exact resort.  I bought a bunch of summer dresses to wear in the evening to dinner.  This was one of them.  To get some mileage out of it I paired it with a sweater underneath.  Do It Yourself Winterwear!

The earrings I bought from Kohls.  I don't remember the brand, I don't remember how long I've had them.  But I think they are oh-so pretty!  The sweater was actually gifted to me by one of my co-workers.  She had bought it and wore it, but didn't really like it for herself.  So she brought it into work and I happily took it home!  It's so neat!  The knitted necklace is attached on the front and has a ribbon you tie in the back.  Such a pretty and unique detail!  The booties I purchased last winter.  They are comfy and I love the grey color!

The part of town we live in hosts an abundance of chain restaurants.  But that's not always my family's style.  We recently stumbled across this fantastic family-run Chinese place just minutes from our house!  It's so good we've been going there about once a week for the past month or so!  I love when you find little gems like that! 


  1. Great job here. i love it all.

  2. Such a cute outfit! I love the colors. (: Facebook Twitter


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