Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1 Month Blog Anniversary!

Today marks 1 month since I have started Luckey's Goods!  YAY!  How exciting!  I have really enjoyed every minute of it!  (A quick note, I apologize for being away so long...  The holidays have totally kicked my butt.  I have been frantically running around trying to finish all my holiday prep.  And this past weekend was my friend's wedding which kept me busy almost all weekend as Matt was in the wedding.  I know...  Excuses, excuses...)
To commemorate my first month, I am doing a double post - An outfit of the day and a recipe!  First, lets start with the recipe.  Tomorrow is my company's holiday party.  I am bringing in a new recipe that a friend just gave me - Buffalo Chicken Cheese Ball.  With minimal ingredients and minimal time you can make this for one of your holiday parties too!

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Ball
2 blocks of cream cheese
1 large chicken breast (I used 1-1/2 because I only had small ones)
1/4 cup plus some extra squirts of Franks Red Hot
2 cups pepper jack cheese
Pictures Taken by Luckey

I softened the cream cheese in the microwave for about 1 minute.  Then I combined the cream cheese, hot sauce, and half of the pepper jack cheese.  It's not pictured, but after I combined it all, I felt it didn't pack enough heat for my taste, so I added in a few shakes of dried cayenne pepper.

At the same time I was also cooking up the chicken breasts.  The picture shows three because I made a second cheese ball for Matt to take to his work holiday party too!

When the chicken is finished I shredded it and added it to the cream cheese mix.

Finally after everything is mixed well, I form the mixture into a ball and roll it over the other cup of the pepper jack cheese. 

There you have it!  Easy-peasy!  And quite tasty too!  I'm excited to see if everyone likes it as much as I do tomorrow at the party! 

And now...  The clothes...

 Pictures by Matt M.

When: Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What: Dress -; Cardigan - Lane Bryant; Boots - Trusol; Tights - Fashion Bug; Belt - Lane Bryant; Necklace - Target

Where: Work, and a marathon of stores to finish my Christmas shopping, and then home to make the cheese balls and catch my brother-in-law up on Showtime's "Shameless" so he can watch the new season with us in January.

Heh.  I had Matt take a picture of me with some of my shopping bags.  As you can see in these pictures I am surrounded by gifts that still need to be wrapped!  Ugh, something else to do...  Any-who...  I wanted to look festive today.  What is more festive than red and green I thought?  This is actually the dress I wore to my own rehearsal dinner.  If I wasn't wearing the cardigan, you could see it was sleeveless (we were married in July).  I love this dress, it's so light and airy.  Adding a cardigan and tights is a great way to winterize it!

Wore my calf boots again.  Love these things.  The necklace is also what I wore at my rehearsal dinner.  It was an absolute awesome find as I love it and I always get compliments on it!  I originally put on my black skinny belt this morning, but I started thinking that the animal print one might be more fun!  I'm glad I switched!

Is anyone else as excited about the season premier of "Shameless" as I am?!?!  Oh my!  It became one of my favorite shows when it first came on early this year.  It's about a family of misfits in Chicago.  If you have Showtime, it's on demand right now so you have time to catch up!  (Note - this is NOT a family friendly show.  No kiddies around, okay?) 

Others ways I have rocked my animal print belt:


  1. A few comments-- you just made me hungry with that recipe-- I love that you wore a leopard belt with this look, makes it so fun!-- I really love that necklace, it's so gorgeous!-- The Fiance and I just started watching Shameless (season 1) and we're totally hooked! I think we've gotten through 4 or 5 episodes now and it's so good. Can't wait for more!
    Great post!

  2. @Sarah Stright

    I'm glad I wore this particular belt too! And YES! Shameless! Such a fun show. Thanks for your comments Sarah!

  3. love your leopard belt! :)

  4. love the blog girl! very cute! keep up the great posts!

    follow eachother ?

    *happy holidays*

  5. happy one month!!! i love your christmassy colors here, and always love a hint of leopard! this season is really flying by! i have been falling behind on everything, too!

    Enter the Christmas Giveaway!

  6. I am loving how you rocked your red & green... you've inspired me... for next year... but I love it!!!


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