Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Glasses

YAY!  They came in yesterday!  My new glasses!  I am so stoked!  Can't you tell with all my exclamation points!!!????!!!!  (HA!)

I went out on a limb and ordered glasses online.  After reading so many good reviews from different sources, I decided to try  Oh man am I glad I did!  I love them so much.  Not only was the website super easy to use (they have a virtual "mirror" to try glasses on), but their customer service was awesome!  (I have a weird prescription as one eye is near sighted and the other is far sighted and they worked with me right away to get it all straightened out because the website wouldn't except my crazy prescription.)  

I definitely suggest following them on facebook, as I ended up with a buy one get one free code.  Heck yeah TWO new pairs of glasses!

First pair - iSee 724 in brown.

Second pair - iSee 026 in black.

Excuse the photo quality.  They were taken with my iPhone. 

Can't wait to pick outfits to wear with them! 


  1. so chic! I have glasses too but we only got the ones covered by insurance so they don't don't look nearly as cute as yours :)

  2. I love both pair! They are adorable on you!

  3. They look great! I've been looking for a pair just like the second pair!

  4. New to your blog and saying hi. :) I just got glasses yesterday that I ordered from GlassesUSA too! Yours look SO CUTE on you!!


  5. Those are really nice glasses you have. Somehow, it makes me want to get a new one, since my current pair has been showing signs of wear and tear.


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