Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, Monday.

Photos Taken by My Tripod

What:  Tee - Apt. 9; Jacket - Lane Bryant; Boot Cut Jeans - Lane Bryant; Pumps - Lane Bryant; Necklace - The Express; Bracelet - Lane Bryant

When:  Monday, December 20, 2011

Where:  Work, then home to help my son with his homework, cook breakfast for dinner (I love breakfast food), and put up the Christmas lights outside (along with massive amounts of laundry - ugh).

Just another casual outfit for Monday.  I usually try to plan out my outfit for the day the night before.  But I spent Sunday being lazy, watching football, and catching up on Dexter.  So as I was blow drying my hair this morning, this outfit, that I have worn before but never blogged about, popped in my head.  Since it's Monday, I was totally cool with going with an easy look.

This necklace was a birthday gift one of my nursing school classmates gave me this summer.  I LOVE the color (it's green - yo!)  You can also see my cool crackled nails peaking in the corner.  I worked on those Sunday night and I am quite happy with how they turned out!  The bracelet is an oldie of mine.  I seriously have owned this longer than my son has been alive!  But it never seems to go out of style.  The nude shoes are kind of recent purchase for me.  I liked this pair because A. They're wide widths, making them very comfortable, and B.  I really dug the patent "leather" look of them.  I've worn them in previous outfit posts.  They are one of my favorite purchases this year. 

Man, maybe it's because I slept in late Sunday, but I could not get to sleep Sunday night.  This made for a very tired Monday...  Don't you just hate that?  I made it through the day though.  Somehow.  Onward to the weekend!  A friend of ours is getting married this Saturday and Matt is in the wedding (along with my son being an usher).  I'm excited about the fun weekend ahead.  Now...  Just gotta figure out what I'm going to wear!

Other ways I have rocked the navy jacket:


  1. Love your jacket. Every woman should own a well fitted jacket. And good call on the nude shoes, they make your legs look longer! :)

  2. Love the navy jacket paired with your awesome green necklace. The nude heels were the perfect choice!

  3. I love that jacket! And I love your sassy poses :)

  4. you look so cute and fun loving, I like your accessories, fabulous colors and design.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, follow back!


  5. cute outfit! love the heels and the jacket! :)


  6. @Mongs

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I loved your DYI looks!

    - Justine

  7. @Thick Threads

    Thank you! I'm heading your way now!

    - Justine


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