Saturday, December 3, 2011

All I Want For Christmas is THIS!

For anyone living under a rock, it's Christmas time!  It seems that a lot of bloggers like to make wish lists, and I am totally on board this.  Hey - maybe even my husband and/or family and friends will find their way here and purchase a thing or two for me! 


1. Forever 21 Dove Print Tee - I know, I'm kind of late to the bird print party, but I just think this tee is adorable.  And I'm trying to incorporate more patterns into my wardrobe.  Most of my clothes are solids.
2. Old Navy Ruffled Chiffon Cheetah Print Top - The animal print look seems to be in still.  You see it every where.  I think this top would be perfect with some trouser jeans, a great blazer, and a pair of pumps.
3. Forever 21 Zig Zag Stripes Top - These stripes are so cool!  I think the lines could really do some great things for my figure too!


1. Old Navy Medium Wash Flare Jeans - I am in desperate need of new jeans.  I tend to go for boot cut or flare.  Nothing fancy about these jeans, but they are a basic I do need!
2. Forever 21 Stretch Skinny Jeans in Red - I WANT COLORED JEANS!  I think they are so cute!  And I always get captivated by the red ones!  The stretch in these would be nice too! 


1. Sealed With A Kiss Designs Signature Wrap Cardigan in Royal Blue - I have been obsessing over this cardigan for about 3 months now.  Still haven't bought it.  Still want it.  It's because this isn't any cardigan, this is a cardigan that can be wrapped 8 different ways for 8 completely different looks!  I am sure there are even more ways a creative individual could wrap it too!  Love the blue color too!  So pretty!  (FYI - I don't have this because they are always out of the color/size I want.  I guess everyone else likes it too!)
2. Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater in Teal Heather - I think this cardigan is too cute.  I love the pockets and the longer length.  Wouldn't it be so cute with that dove print tee?
3. Sealed With A Kiss Designs Open Cardigan in Red -  This would be another great versatile piece from SWAK.  I love how it flows open with the extra fabric, tiered to the front of the cardigan.  Another great color too! 


1. Mossimo Long-Sleeve Shirt Dress in Earth Worm Grey - To me this dress just looks so soft and comfy.  An easy piece to wear to work, on a lazy weekend day, or even out with some friends!  I also love the skinny belt detail.
2. 6 Degrees One Shoulder Party Dress - How awesome is this dress?  So cute!  The one shoulder, the pleats, the belted waist?!?!  What's not to love?  I'm actually really upset I didn't see this before I bought what I'm going to wear for Christmas.  But I'm now thinking maybe New Years?
3. Old Navy Wrap Front Dress in Serpent - Green is my favorite color.  Anything green instantly draws my attention and this dress is no different.  I especially like the style because the wrap dress always looks good on my curves.
4. Sealed With A Kiss Designs Joan Maxi Dress in Taupe - Another SWAK design that is always sold out.  I just keep wishing and hoping it will come back in stock soon!  Lately I am really digging the color taupe (hence the first dress too).  Any color accessories would look great with it.  Again, this dress just looks so soft and comfortable.  I especially like the large sleeves.


1. Merona Long Trench Coat in Bare Canvas - Can't go wrong with a classic like this!  Now that I am *cough-cough* 30, I think it's about time I have one of these classics in my wardrobe.  The wide belt that comes with this one is nice too!
2. Old Navy Frost Free Zip-Front Vest in Saucy Red - Another fall/winter staple I have missing from my closet.  I especially like how this one has a shiny look to it - almost sparkly!  Wouldn't this look great with the flare jeans and maybe a a crisp white tee?
3. Coffee Shop Full-Length Pea Coat - What a fun coat!  I love the herring bone pattern.  Wouldn't it be great to own all 3 pieces?  (heehee) All three of these are really affordable too!


1. Sealed With A Kiss Designs Santa Fe Double Buckle Belt in Black - I really like all of SWAK's belts.  But if I had to choose just one to get now, I would get this one.  I think it's a great, sexy belt.  I could wear this in a million ways, especially since I've been belting my waist with a lot of different outfits lately.
2. Forever 21 Knotted Leatherette Stretch Belt - Not only is this belt a unique design, it's also a great color.  I'm thinking it could be a great belt with the Mossimo Long-Sleeve Shirt Dress!


1. Old Navy Angular Chunky-Bead Nacklace in True Blue - Who knew Old Navy had such pretty jewelry?  Not me!  I don't think I have ever clicked on their jewelry link before, but I'm glad I did!  This necklace gives off a vintage vibe that I'm digging. 
2. Old Navy Owl Pendent Necklace - Another cool one I found on the Old Navy site.  The owl fad is still going strong and I still haven't hopped on!  This little guy is just adorable and would be a nice whimsical touch to almost any outfit!
3. Old Navy Teardrop Chandelier Necklace in Brown - I'm thinking the one shoulder party dress for New Years???  Uh-huh!  The silver bead accents is a great touch too.


1. Not Rated Drum Kit Flat - These would be fabulous with a dress or a skirt when I just really don't feel like wearing heels.  I love the vintage look of them and I just really think they are the cutest shoes I have seen in a long time!
2. Coconuts Becky Wide Calf Boot - So I have black calf boots, it's only natural I would want a brown pair too!  And aren't these great?  I love the buckles on the back!  And I know they would fit my big 'ole calves because the measurements are the same as the black pair I bought.  Seriously obsessing over these!!
3. Bandolino Jolly Jo Python Flat - Why not take the animal print look to your feet?  These are fun and the buckle detail is nice.  (They come in wide width too!  SQUEEEE!)

Infinity Scarves

So...  There are so many of these right now, and I love them all (I can't choose)!  I thought a great place to find a great scarf would be etsy and I wasn't wrong!  There were sooo many I decided to do a short few words about each scarf and let you click on the link if it interests you!

1. Slate Grey Infinity Scarf - Unique crochet pattern.  Looks super soft too!
2. Crochet Ribbed Infinty Scarf in Sage Green - Wonderful large scarf.  Made to order too - 35 colors to choose from too!
3. Jersey Knit Infinity Scarf with Flower Pin - Beautiful scarf with a lovely pin!  Very unique!  Wear it with or without the pin for a different look!
4. La Boheme Fire Engine Red Fringed Infinity Scarf - Awesome fringe!  Pretty material!  Very eye catching!
5. Custom T Shirt Infinity Scarf - Made from reclaimed tees.  You tell her the color, she makes it!  Fun design too!
6. White and Green Infinty Scarf - Also made from t-shirts with a cool "stringy" look.
7. Fall Mustard with Grey and Blue Lines Jersey Infinity Scarf - Loving mustard lately!  Great price too!
8. Grey Crochet Inifinty Scarf - Awesome crochet pattern!

Well...  That's it!  That's all!  An evening later and a few beers down, I'm finally ready to hit "Publish Post"!  I haven't been too naughty this year....  Right?


  1. I want one of everything on your list too. My personal faves are the dove print shirt, that long beige dress (fourth picture over), the blue tie belt and the tall brown boots. I should look into wide calf boots because certain styles just don't go over my legs. I tried on a pair of Wellies, on sale, gorgeous, just what I was looking for, but I couldn't get my foot in them. The sales girl was hovering over me and giving me nasty looks.

  2. And yeah, I was able to comment. Something must have been wonky the other day.

  3. @Clothes Karma

    Daena, I could have spent many more hours looking for things! Most of this stuff I've had my eye on for a while now though. There is so much cool things to get right now!

  4. I love those colored jeans! I so need a pair like that in my life.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. @Bonnie

    Hey Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by! I just tried to leave a comment on your blog and it said I wasn't "authorized".

  6. this is a great list. i'm all about the animal prints and colored denims! hope you get some of these! i need to make my list now!

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