Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Gift

Pictures Taken by My Tripod

When: Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What:  Dress - Blu Sage; Tights - Fashion Bug; Booties - Nine West; Belt - taken from a shirt; Necklace - Lane Bryant; Cuff - Fashion Bug; Earrings - Lane Bryant

Where: Work, got my hairs trimmed, Cub Scouts with my son, and a little online shopping.

This dress was a gift to me from my mother-in-law.  When I first received it I didn't wear it much as I thought it didn't do much for my figure because it didn't have a structured shape.  But I always liked the pattern, length, and neckline.  Since I discovered the wonderful world of using a belt, I knew that was exactly what needed to happen for this dress!  And the rest is history.  I really like wearing this dress now!

The simple hoop earrings were a purchase from LB many years ago.  You can't go wrong with a simple set of earrings sometimes.  The necklace was also purchased from LB too.  (Probably not at the same time, but I've had this necklace for a while now too.)  It's made from a shell, at least I think so.  And if not, they did an excellent job making it look like one.  Again I'm wearing my trusty cuff!  I love this silver cuff!  Such a great buy!  Also wore my Nine West booties again.  They are just too easy to slip on and never make my feet hurt. 
So you can kind of tell from the pic that these tights are actually footless tights.  When I purchased them I didn't even realize.  But I have come to like the versatility they can bring me.  (Also - I am in love with the colored tights at the moment...  Sadly, all I have is black, brown, and these grey ones....  Hmmm...  gotta go shopping soon it sounds like!)

I had my hair trimmed yesterday.  I needed it badly!  I can't believe how fast it grows.  I know it looked alright getting longer, I just like it a bit shorter and more defined layers. 
I also got a little online shopping done for Christmas.  It was a customized order and I am hoping I didn't wait too long to order it!!!  Someone might have to wait till after Christmas to get their gift.  But hey - maybe spreading out the gift opened just a bit longer is a good thing right?

How much online shopping do you do for Christmas?  Honestly, I would say 85% of the gifts our family gives come from online.  It's just too convenient!

Other ways I have rocked my Nine West booties:


  1. Such a cute dress! So glad you were able to find a way to wear it. The grey tights and booties are the perfect addition.

    As far as online shopping, we don't do much of it. I like the instant gratification of buying something and having it in my hands immediately, lol! Heather

  2. Very cute dress.

  3. This is a CUTE Dress!!!

    -E. Louise

  4. I only recently started using a belt to create whatever silhouette I want! And now, I wear so many things I never thought I would wear before! I love the print of this dress on you, and the grey tights is a nice touch.

    I wish I did all my shopping online... I did some, but for a lot of stuff I needed to look at them before purchase! such a pain!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  5. I really like that dress. It is very artsy and you are right, the belt just makes it fit your body perfectly. Love the gray tights! So pretty!

  6. i know, right? the belt is an amazing thing...does wonders for some of my dresses! i love the bold graphic print of the dress.

    i used to prefer shopping in-store because i needed instant gratification. i hated waiting for my things. plus shipping to me is outrageous. but since the kiddos came along, i started to do more online shopping, especially when shipping is free. for christmas, i'm usually last minute, so online shopping is not an option.

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  7. thank you so much for your lovely comment...

    this dress looks so great on you. the print is so amaaaaaaaazing. yes, your trimmed hair looks great!


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