Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RN Attire

So as I mentioned before, I came home and took some pictures in my uniform for fun.  Heehee - I know...  Not very fashionable...  But I wanted to do something different for a minute (and show off my cool nursing digs).

Photos taken by my tripod
When:  Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What:  Scrub top and bottom - Landau; Watch - Casio; Shoes - Nike; Socks - ??

Where:  Work at my new job!

All RNs at my hospital wear navy scrubs.  It's an easy way for patients to identify who is who on the unit as other staff and personal wear different colors depending on their job title.  Since there isn't much else to say about navy blue scrubs I'll go onto the accessories.

My semi-new Casio watch!  I loved the color and I liked how it was made of a soft and comfortable plastic and I don't have to worry about water when washing my hands all day long.  I also liked it cause I could use military time (the standard in medicine).  My shoes are the same tennis shoes I've been wearing since my nursing school clinicals.  They still are in great shape and they treat my feet quite nicely when I'm on them all day. 

Nurses wear uniforms.  It's kind of boring obviously...  So it seems many nurses like to add a little personality with their socks!  I personally own only 4 pairs of white socks while the rest have various patterns and colors.  I was made for the fun sock band wagon and I've been kicking it the entire time!  I love these argyle ones!  And finally, I had to take a picture of my pockets.  I picked out these particular scrubs because they have this little pen/pencil/highlighter holder.  I love it!  No more fishing for my pen at the bottom of my already stuffed pockets!

Well, there you have it!  Scrubs #1.  I have another, completely different pair (still navy blue obviously).  They are actually a little more stylish (which meant they cost more money) so maybe next week I'll take some more scrubs pics?

Can't you tell my cat missed me?  Cleo won't leave me alone when I come home from work until I stop whatever I'm doing and give her my undivided attention for at least 10 minutes.... 


  1. Love it - congrats on the job. At least Navy is a good color - better than that toothpaste color a lot of people wear!

  2. I love scrubs!!! Such a noble profession!

  3. a shocking secret...i love scrubs. so much that my friend bought me some, and i dont even work in the medical field! could be my desire to, tho! so i LOVE this!


  4. hey lookin great in your scrubs! that pocket highlight is pretty awesome! :D love the watch too! :) i love argyle socks aswell :)


  5. Haha, I love this. And your red watch is awesome. Hi kitty Cleo!

  6.'re a cute nurse with an adorable kitty! I like your red watch, adds a nice pop of color to your uniform



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